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Ripstone Games just released a new patch that looks toward fixes, quality of life improvements and support for future DLC.  They have released the following list of fixes:

Improved performance and graphics quality
Fixed achievements not unlocking for games completed offline
Fixed tournament success rate calculation
Fixed online options never reappearing after starting without a network connection

Fixed various missing text translations
Local avatars now work offline
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With Sonic Mania being released for about a month it's time for Sonic fans to turn their attention to the upcoming Sonic Forces game.   The 2017's modern installment in the iconic Sonic series.  Sonic Forces has been dated for November and retail pre-order customers can get an exclusive Bonus Edition that has some extra goodies.  However digital exclusives have yet to be announced.  We will get back to that.

The Bonus Edition  includes a controller skin for your specific platform and......
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This months Games with Gold deals are now up on the website!

You can get your hands on the following games: .

Head on over to our Games with Gold page to find a link on where to download these titles: beta.xboxresource.com.gridhost...
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The big blue hedgehog returns with his very own soundtrack....the metal version of the hedgehog anyway.  Metal sonic returns with a remix of an old favorite song for sonic fans and it fits the metal blue ball of terror perfectly.  Here it is:

Also, another video has been released giving us a first look at the new tag team gameplay where "Modern Sonic" and your very own custom character will team up and work together to clear levels. Sonic will lead when using his speed boosting......
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If flying and destroying other planes in the skies is your thing,, as it is mine, then you are just as excited for the new ACE Combat title as I am. Fans at Gamescom got a chance to see the new trailer showcasing the high-speed action as well as astounding graphics. And just a few weeks later we get a brand spanking new trailer.

The official Gamescom gameplay demo features none other than series director, Kazutoki Kono. Gameplay of Kazutoki flying through the sky avoiding missiles and dog......
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Numantia was first announced back in February of this year with a very basic teaser trailer and the game was obviously in beta or alpha.  Come august they have finally reveled their full length trailer.

The trailer shows off plenty of gameplay and animated story sections. The title boasts two campaigns showing each side of the historical conflict between the Romans and Celtiberians between 154 and 133 BC. The animation kind of has that comic book vibe so I'm excited to see where this one......
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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has been release gameplay of new characters ever since it was announced we now get a look at 4 new characters.  The new trailer shows off a new mixed world called the Dark Dimension and features fights between Jedah, Firebrand, Dormammu and Ghost Rider.
Check it out:

We get a look at many moves of these 4 characters including some of their "ultimates".  Which character are you excited to play the most?  MvC: Infinite drops on the Xbox One on September......
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After the Crew 2 decided to partner with Harley Davidson to bring their motorbikes into the upcoming game. Even more news has been sprung on us.

Starting with the new Fast Fav feature allows players to switch seamlessly between their favorite ground, water or air vehicles as they travel across the game's new version of the open world USA. There will be no menus or loading screens, just a push of a button (kind of like Driver). Say your getting bored of going 200 mph on the ground well then......
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